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Core Competency Examples

core competency is knowledge or expertise in a given area. Core competencies can be assessed by observing a person’s behavior at work, while playing a sport or by reviewing a company’s output.

Examples of Core Competency

  • Analytical Thinking – Applies logic to solve problems and get the job done.
  • Client Service – Ability to respond to the clients and anticipate their needs.
  • Computer Competency – Is skilled at operating a computer.
  • Conflict Resolution – Works to resolve differences and maintain work relationships.
  • Continuous Education – Implements professional development and training.
  • Creative Thinking – Ability to look outside the box and develop new strategies.
  • Decision Making – Can make decisions and take responsibility for them.
  • Document Use – Ability to use and understand documents.
  • Empowers Others – Gives employees confidence and allows freedom to complete tasks.
  • Ethics – Has personal and professional ethics and fosters a diverse and respectful workplace.
  • Evaluation – Ability to evaluate according to accepted methodologies.
  • Even Temperament – Controlling emotions and not retaliating to negative behavior.
  • Excellent communication – Can use language effectively to gather information and facilitate the exchange of ideas.
  • Flexibility – Ability to adapt to changes while keeping focus on goals and apply knowledge to new circumstances.
  • Influence – Can enlist the support and cooperation of others and encourage them to be proactive.
  • Initiative – Ability to obtain information from several sources to address present needs.
  • Interpersonal Relations – Exhibits respect and understand of others to maintain professional relationships.
  • Interpersonal Awareness: The ability to have and show empathy to others. Listens well and responds in a non-threatening way.
  • Leadership – The ability to establish a team effort that promotes working towards a common goal.
  • Management Skills – Financial and people management as well as the management of information on several levels.
  • Manages Change – Has the ability to implement and deal with change and creates the environment that helps people change.
  • Oral Communication – Skilled at oral communication and can express oneself in conversations and when addressing an audience. Can organize ideas, including summarizing, and explain them concisely.
  • Personal Credibility – Takes responsibility for actions and shows that one is reliable and trustworthy. Is honest and does his or her fair share.
  • Persuasive Communication – Skilled at both oral and written communication that can influence others. Uses effectual examples and visual aids that have an impact on the audience.
  • Problem Solving – Solves problems while ensuring rules and directives are followed.
  • Project Management – Can bring together all aspects of a project, such as resources or planning, that are needed to complete it efficiently and in a timely manner.
  • Public Speaking – Being an effective speaker.
  • Results Oriented – Achieves goals in a timely manner while providing excellent client service.
  • Risk Management & Assessment – Taking action to evaluate and minimize risks to the company and its employees.
  • Thoroughness – Sees to it that one’s own and others’ work is accurate and complete. Works with diligence and care and ensures all commitments are fulfilled.
  • Writing Skills – Has excellent writing and grammar skills, and has the ability to write concisely, clearly and logically.

These examples of different kinds of core competency show how the main strength of a person or a group is its core competency.

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