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A Discursive essay is a type of academic essay that includes a thorough discussion on the particular subject matter. The major sections of this piece of formal writing consists of the following:-

  • Opinion:  The writer proposes the personal opinion regarding a topic favoured by proper reasons and examples. You may find several discursive essay examples given by our proficient writers. By viewing them, you will get an idea on how do we write these types of essays for our valuable clients.
  • For and Against: The writer presents both the faces of an issue, that means to throw light on the advantages and disadvantages of a particular topic. The write-up must be backed up with the proper use of illustrations and examples. You can get numerous examples of Discursive essays written by our expert writers.
  • Solution to Problem: They say, every problem comes with a solution. And the writer of the discursive essays proves the former saying to the core. Here, the author presents the personal viewpoints and after analysing the particular issue, s(he) gives proper solutions to it. Our essay writing service can make it simple for you if you invariably find drafting it a tricky thing.

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How to Write a Discursive Essay? Solve Your Query Now!

Most of the students approach us with the question ‘how to write a discursive essay’. To solve this common concern, our talented writers have offered some suggestions so that young scholars like you never live with a question mark on the face.

  • Introduce Your Topic: Under this section, you are supposed to state the topic of your discussion clearly. Whatever may be the concern, do not forget to present some background information about the present situation or a predicament. And then always support the argument with the proper reasoning.
  • Pay Attention to the Structure: Our Discursive essay writers suggest that it is essential for every student to give utmost attention to the format and structure of the document. Now, you will be needed to present each point in separate paragraphs. So, let’s get started!
    • Draft First Paragraph: Always give a precise statement before taking a deep dive into explaining the reasoning. In the opening paragraphs, it is highly preferable to present the argument that speaks in the favour of a topic.
    • Second Paragraph: Our proficient writers opine that it is crucial for the scholars to support the argument with accurate references, examples and opinions.
    • Third and Fourth Paragraphs: In the last paragraphs, include the points that summarise and restate your opinion. Here, provide the arguments that speak against the topic and present your viewpoint in an efficient manner.
    • Conclusion: In the end, offer your personal opinion concerning the topic. You must include the solutions to problems in the conclusion to win great remarks.
  • Proofread and Submit it Gracefully: After having done with the entire process, now is the time to revise your document thoroughly. Make your paperwork free from any grammatical errors and silly mistakes by reading it aloud.

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Discursive Essay Writing Tips by Our Experienced Writers

Writing any piece of formal writing is challenging and when it comes to writing this type of an essay, then certainly there won’t be any moment for you to rest. Following are some writing tips given by our professional writers to help you acquire dream grades.

  • Do not keep your sentences too long as it gives rise to wordiness that is a grammatical slip-up.
  • Always use passive voice.
  • Avoid using informal (colloquial) language such as abbreviations and slang.
  • Do not make the mistake of writing this piece of a document in personal pronoun ‘I’ unless you are throwing light on your viewpoints.
  • Avoid the usage of jargon and too many adjectives.
  • Always give examples, references and illustrations to support your argument.
  • Stick to the proper structure of the essay and keep an eye on the flow of the content.
  • Use transitions words and phrases such as, ‘however’, ‘although’, ‘in addition’, ‘moreover’, ‘furthermore’, ‘likewise’, etc.
  • Never express your viewpoints very strongly for instance, ‘I loathe the way politicians’, etc.
  • Organise all the paragraphs in a logical manner.

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Get the Best Discursive Essay Topic, Ideas, and Examples Here

Selecting a winning topic for Discursive essays could be a complicated task to carry out for many. However, with the expert assistance of our writers, you can make it an easy thing to do. We have listed some best Discursive essay topics to help you choose the best from the lot.

  • Should the access of the video games be shunned for the teens?
  • Is social networking good or wrong for teens?
  • Is technology boon or bane?
  • Should the aquariums and zoos be banned to prevent animal abuse?
  • Is traditional shopping more reliable than online shopping?
  • Should the use of smartphone be allowed in schools and colleges?

Mentioned above are just a few Discursive essay topics, but if you want to seek more suggestions, then do not hesitate to call our friendly customer support team that is available 24/7 to assist you. The guarantees we offer are enough to make you understand why we are a popular name among the university scholars across the globe.
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