When it comes to assignments for a case study change management is a topic that could conceivably be one of the hardest you will ever face or one of the easiest. Change management is perhaps the most ambiguous of the many contemporary management strategies for organization improvement resulting from the application of social science principles to the business world.

The Difficulty in Writing a Change Management Case Study

change management case studyA web-definition of change management underscores this ambiguity — change management is a systematic approach to dealing with change, both from the vantage point of the organization as a whole entity and from the vantage point of individuals within the entity.  Change management has at least three different target points – adapting to change, controlling change and effecting change.

The big problem with many change management case study assignments is a professor who provides broad general parameters in the specifications for the case study.  Change management is such a broad topic it could take a student hours and hours just to narrow down the specifications to something that can be researched.

Then there is the problem of the research itself.  It is very difficult to draw conclusions about such a subjective concept as change management.  How can you determine how well a change management strategy worked and what made it work?  On the other hand, that same soft quality of the research can in some instances make the case easier to write as you can draw almost any conclusions you want since the research makes them difficult to prove or disprove.

Professional Help with Your Change Management Case Study

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