I need someone to take my online biology class for me because I simply don’t have the time. This is a summer course that I need the credits for to keep my grant money coming in, and, to be candid, I’m not much for science. It’s Biology 102 and is a required science for my degree. The person I need to take my online biology class should be someone well versed in science and science courses.
I’m going for my degree in drama (costume design), and I’m working two jobs. So, I really don’t have time to go through the rigmarole of a biology class. The person who can help could have more work in the future because the fine arts program at my college will make me take 3 credits of science before I graduate, and I don’t want to do any of them. The course runs from May to July and requires 3 online lessons a week.
Basically, the job involves posing as me for the duration of the online course. I need someone to take my online biology class to the extent that they can stay up-to-date with the course and perform ALL different tasks assigned by the professor.
I prefer to have this person take my online course at a flat rate. I really want to have nothing to do with it. I won’t be sending any of the information or course work, meaning I want this person in the online classroom for me, using their computer to access the lectures and perform the online experiments.
The online experiments will probably be the most difficult part, but mainly, it just involves a lot of research. The results are already pretty easy to figure out, so it’s just a matter of gathering the data. There will also be some required work with partners in the lab, and the person who will take my online biology class will need to participate in the experiments and compile data with the other members of the online lab.
I can’t give anyone the textbook as I didn’t bother buying it in the first place, but after looking at the syllabus, most of the work will be out of the lab book, and I have a PDF copy that I can send whoever takes my online biology class. For the most part, it will be introductory. The first part of the course looks like it’s just going to be on the scientific method.
Also, I want to be clear about this: I want an ‘A’. If I’m paying money to save me time, I might as well pay to have my GPA increased, so I will need someone who either has a background in science or someone who is comfortable writing on the subject. Anyone with a background in any science class will do as it is very introductory.
There are a lot of competitors out there and plenty of programs who will write a paper for me, but I really need someone to be me in this course and do well.

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