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Professional Academic Proofreading, Editing and Critiquing

Essay Writing Service UK provide a professional academic proofreading service to students and business professionals alike.
Many of the writers employed by Essay Writing Service UK operate within the British educational system (lecturers etc.,) and are therefore suited to amending and editing work which is to be submitted at University level. Student proofreading allows you to give us your work and for us to make it as good as it can be. Perhaps spelling isn’t your forte or English isn’t your first language. These aspects needn’t mean that you lose precious marks on your essay or dissertation.
Our professional proofreaders will go through your work removing spelling mistakes, correcting grammar, working on the sentence structure and overall layout of the document.
Our professional proofreading services can provide you a variety of levels of proofreading, depending on the level of dissertation proof-reading or essay assessment needed. Our English proofreading allows you to hand in a piece of work, knowing that small errors will not let you down. Academic proofreading requires a little more than just a spell check. Your overall presentation and sentence construction can also let you down. A lot of the time you find that students have the ideas, but they struggle to get them out in a way that tutors are looking for. Our Platinum service allows you to submit your work to us allowing us to edit the work and return ready for submission.

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