Building muscles has not been the easiest task to accomplish despite regular and hard work-out schedules along with experimenting new types of supplements and workouts. It is necessary that 95 percent exercises for abs that are done regularly at the gym to be multi joint and compound exercises as these lead to a better chance of getting the lean, powerful and ripped look.

1. The various requisite focus exercises are: horizontal press for upper body (bench press, dips, pushups), horizontal rows for upper body (bent-over barbell rows, one arm dumbbell rows, seated cable rows), vertical pull for upper body (pull downs, chin ups, pull ups), vertical press for upper body (overhead barbell and dumbbell presses, kettle bell or bar bell clean and presses), squatting movements for lower body (overhead squats, front squats, bodyweight squats, back squats), dead-lifting movements for lower body (Romanian dead-lifts, sumo dead-lifts, regular dead-lifts), single movements of leg for lower body (lunges, jump lunges, step-ups, etc.), core and abdominal exercises (they are also important, but they still are second priority after the major multi jointed movements of the lower body and the upper body. It is noted that major core and abs exercises would be worked itself from most of the major multi jointed exercises anyhow.)

There remaining left part, i.e., 5% of the remaining exercises for abs should focus on the single-joint exercises such as the triceps and calf presses, lateral shoulder raises, shoulder shrugs, etc. However, it is noted that these exercises are only to be done after the primary focus has been taken care of in the form of multi-jointed drills.

2. It is advised to train intensely with dedicated hard work 3 to 4 days a week, ranging from 45 to 60 minutes for each of the weight training work-out. Keeping the work-outs longer in comparison to sixty minutes can lead to the trigger of excess catabolism, which is very harmful. For staying anabolic, the body needs to be trained hard and with loads of intensity, which is sufficient to lead to the trigger of muscle growth during the best abs exercise.

3. One should only eat clean whole foods of respectable quality instead of the highly processed and over hyped supplements such as bars and powders. A nice quality and quantity of protein, which is the mainstay of the diet for abs, can be best collected by the human body from the real whole-foods only such as meats, eggs, vegetables, seeds, nuts, fruits, etc., and not from the protein-powders which have been processed, meal-replacements and bars, which are chemical laden.

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