The paper is aimed at forming a backing about the good habits of a driver. It explains the combination of driving practices and actions of which a driver is conscious of, for forming good driving habits. People have always a difference of opinion on what is good or bad. This applies at the driving habits too, perception about good and bad of a driver and his habits may differ, yet a common approach is generally under study in the following report. The report includes the background of the topic, explaining its virtues and driving habits in detail. It will then include the concluding comments and recommendations based on the discussed topic.

The topic is important as driving is the serious matter and people need to develop proper skills of driving before they turn their vehicles on the road. Proper driving skills are mandatory in case of saving oneself and others from the minor to major road accidents. Thus, a driver needs to follow the rules and regulations to keep him, and others save from any kind of injury and trouble.


Good driving abilities, like all other aptitudes and skills, can fade or weaken without practice. Therefore there are specific propensities that can make the whole process much smoother over the long haul. Taking after certain driving consideration instructions may very well improve a driver and enhance his security on the open street.

Numerous drivers fall into the propensity for doing whatever feels most good concerning controlling. Some like to control their autos with single hand, while others want to place both hands at the “steering” wheel. It’s amazingly vital to have both active; the hands on “steering”, and in the best possible position, at all times so as to get ready for a minute ago moves. (Molla, 2015)

Vehicles experience a gigantic measure of troubles with starting and breaks consistently, so it’s no big surprise that mechanical issues can now and then leave the woodwork. It’s generally a decent propensity to tap the brakes much sooner than the ceasing point as opposed to hammering on the brakes finally, which can deliver a great deal of superfluous wear and tear. Falling into these great propensities can make driving more secure, more pleasant and less upsetting. (Good driving habits. (n.d.), 2015)

For developing safe driving habits and being a good driver, one needs to follow the below points;

  • Learn Defensive Driving
  • Watch out for other awful drivers
  • Stay away from in auto diversions
  • Don’t drive when tired
  • Utilize your turn signals
  • Keep a separation between the autos before you and yourself.
  • Lessen your rate of speed when passing close street perils or in terrible climate.
  • Keep your auto tuned up and kept up.
  • Check your blind sides.
  • Verify your safety features. (Top 10 Habits of Safe Drivers | Alternative, 2014)

Driving issues related to UAE:

The most recent measurements reported by traffic control administration in UAE, has claimed a noteworthy change in movement security in the course of recent years. As per the reports, it is noted that because of this noteworthy decrease, fatalities created by run-over mishaps dropped by 54%, auto collisions by 40%, fatalities brought about by car crashes by 35%, and genuine wounds diminished by half. Likewise, movement related fatalities diminished by 59% every 100,000 occupants, notwithstanding the expanded number of enlisted vehicles by 12% over the period.

There is a consistent change in the levels of activity security as indicated by the directorate’s constant and thorough endeavors in executing the complete arrangement, which was produced and sanction in 2010.

As a main driving concerning activity, awareness messages are telecasted through different radio stations over the UAE in three separate dialects (Arabic, English and Urdu). The “Awareness messages” will be conveyed by students of both genders (male and female) around 11-14 years of age and were prerecorded at “Security Media Department” radio. In conclusion, the activity goes for upgrading and advancing the movement security society among folks and additionally the different fragments of street clients. (SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT – TRAFFIC AND LICENSING, 2015)

Issues and Problem:

Speeding is a major issue in the UAE, and especially so in Dubai. The city’s transient populace and a regularly changing gathering of drivers mean the way of life of Dubai driving is deficient with regards to development.

Dubai has a general more youthful driver demographic than numerous different nations, and more youthful individuals are clearly less experienced than more seasoned individuals, and mentally more obligated to make misguided thinking calls while driving. The UAE has a much higher extent of new drivers over a wide age range, and the probability of new drivers having a mischance amid their initial year and a half of driving is high,’ he clarifies.

At that point there are the issues under focus:

  • A few drivers don’t understand motoring is a genuine hobby that obliges 100 percent fixation.
  • Decreased “visibility” because of tints, shades, roller-screen blinds and a mixture of different dangers is an alternate reason for concern.
  • A few drivers can barely see out of their vehicles in sunlight, not to mention nightfall or night.

Nobody less than 25 years old ought to be permitted in the driver’s seat of such an effective vehicle, and particularly not without extra preparing to handle a high-fueled auto. A few merchants offer supplementary preparing to drive execution autos securely, however in this district individuals don’t take up the offer of such offer assistance. (AroundTown, 2015)


  • What are general precautions and measures taken by the UAE government to take control on youth behavior?
  • What has caused to decrease the rate of accidents and roadside mishaps in the region?
  • Why is there a need for broadcasting the awareness message and to what extent the message has been made viral so that it influences the people?
  • What will lead to the future of driving?

My research at college will help answering these questions by providing a brief note on the overall statistics about UAE policing of traffic control. Speeding is becoming a major concern among youth who likes to drive fast as an adventure. My study highlights the dangers and threats along with the precautions to drive safe.


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