All praise is due to Allah, Lord of all the worlds. May peace and blessings of Allah, be upon the Messenger, his households and Companions. Fellow Muslims! Mankind is now living in a world full dissentions and wars. Our present world is one that is at a critical historical crossroad in which all relationships are kept away from the path of Allah and the authentic divine teachings are consigned into oblivion. The present world is one in which mundane interests are the criteria for everything.

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Our contemporary world is one, in which power and arrogance prevail over peace, mercy and kindness. Ours is a world in which evils are promoted in sweet and deceiving terms and in which rights are violated through false slogans. Allah says,

“And of mankind there is he, whose speech may please you in this worldly life, and he calls Allah to witness as to that which is in his heart, yet he is the most quarrelsome of the opponents. And when he turns away, his effort in the land is to make mischief therein and to destroy the crops and the cattle, and Allaah likes not mischief.”

(Al-Baqarah 2:204-205)

In the dawning age of the third millennium, countries and communities all over the world are moving towards political and cultural progressivism. It is an age which in keeping with the overall trend of globalization is witnessing the elimination or blurring of political, social and cultural frontiers.

Indian Muslims:

In such an age it is painful to see that India’s Muslims comprising about 130 million out of a total population of over a billion plus wrapped in a time wrapor an attitudinal freezein more reminiscent of the medieval age. It is in marked contrast to “the other 900 million Indians” of India who despite the imperfections of Indians political and economic structure have moved ahead.

Indians Muslims have not moved ahead not because of any discrimination by the Indian Constitution oThese distinguished members of Indians Muslims besides a large galaxy of many others in various fields, rose to prominence and eminence not because of any system of political reservations or political favors but they rose to distinguished heights because of their personal merit, breaking the traditional binds that shackle Indians Muslims and also because the Indian state provides equal opportunities to all its citizens.

It can be fairly said that a vast majority of Indian Muslims do wish to move forward and share India�s emerging economic prosperity but are being held back by traditional forces and the leadership which lacks vision.

Muslims relation with West:

The US never identified the 9/11 perpetrators as being Afghans or Pakistanis – the inherent lies in the US policy on the current revamped war on terror. It further signals intellectual bankruptcy amongst the US policy makers. The aggressive military nuisance must be stopped. American and British have no purpose to be fighting inAfghanistan or Pakistan. The Bush led War on Terrorism was bogus and it destroyed America not just its history and values but as superpower to be credible in global governance. The people of Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan never threatened nor posed any threats to the security of the United States. To pursue the Bush war on Muslims, American policy makers searched for moderate Muslims and invested almost 10 billions to keep afloat most corrupt authoritarians like the former General Musharaf and Karazai. It was not time and money well spent but to rekindle the anti- American reactions in view of the massive warmongerings in Iraq and killings of almost 2.5 millions civilians for no other reason except to satisfy the insanity of the few actively waging bogus war on Islam. Political irony overwhelmed the American expectations that General Musharaf could deliver tangible goodies to Bush and the neoconservatives.Corruption knows no other motives except to institutionalize itself.

The Muslim Brethren:

Brethren in faith! Our Ummah is now undergoing indescribably difficult situations. Tragedies that Muslims are subjected to in Palestine and Iraq are beyond the wildest imaginations. Every Muslims is saddened by the daily suffering of innocent peoples of these lands who are made to taste the punishment of the sins they never committed. Lives of many of these brethren have been unnecessarily and wantonly wasted and a great portion of their properties was wickedly destroyed.

Brethren in Islam! When Al-Mansoor[1] built the city of Baghdad, he named it ‘Madeenatus-Salaam’ (City of Peace) and he wrote in its plan, “In the Name of Allah. All praise is due to Allah. Surely, the land belongs to Allah. He gives it as inheritance to whomsoever He wills and the good ending is for the pious.”

Present situation of Ummah:

Dear Muslims! The present situation of the Ummah that is full of massacres and pains is known to all. The Muslims must therefore know that, among the lessons of the trials is the need to do self-examination and make necessary reforms. It is incumbent on the Ummah to take a serious look at the causes of these crises. Allah says,

“Verily, those who are pious, when an evil thought comes to them from Satan, they remember (Allaah), and (indeed) they then see (aright).”

(Al-A’raaf 7:201)

We must also strike a balance between the religious and worldly factors while facing the challenges and crises. The Ummah must try to amend its defects in the light of Islamic principles, as it should correct its erroneous direction in the light of its fundamentals, history and civilization. The Muslims’ first priority should be a realization of their dire need to turn back to Allah. That is the only light that guards against error and confusion.

Rulers of the Muslims countries are also urged to fear Allah and endeavour to reform the conditions of their peoples in the light of Islamic injunctions. They should know that they are responsible before Allah. They should also work towards starting a new stage in their relationships that will be based on clarity, reality and reasonableness. They should try to strengthen individual capabilities while maintaining the foundations of Islamic brotherhood, and they should cooperate to defend Islam first and foremost and then their countries in accordance with the injunction of Allah,

“Help you one another in righteousness and piety; but do not help one another in sin and transgression.”

(Al-Maaidah 5:2)

The Messenger of Allah said, “Preserve (the obligations of) Allah, Allah will protect you. Preserve (the obligations of) Allah, you will find Him in front of you. Whenever you ask, ask from Allah and whenever you seek for assistance, seek it from Allah. Know that if all the people are to unanimously agree to do you a benefit, they cannot do you any benefit except a benefit that Allah has already written down for you. And if they are to unanimously agree to do you harm, they cannot do you any harm, except that which Allah has already written down for you. Pens have been raised and the paper is dried.” (At-Tirmidhee)

In another narration, the Messenger of Allah said, “Preserve (the obligations of) Allah, you will find Him in front of you. Know Allah while in you are in bliss, He will know when you are in difficulty. Know also that victory comes with perseverance, relief comes with hardship and that there is ease with difficulty.”

Brethren in faith! There is no glory or power for this Ummah except through adhering to the religion of Allah, His injunctions and the Sunnah of the Prophet.

Guidance for errors and refuses:

Brethren in Islam! The way of Allah is that, any nation that exchanges guidance for error and refuses to take practical steps towards reform, such a nation shall continue to live in backwardness, degeneration and in moral, ideological and military weakness. We should therefore make a sincere return to the path of truth and reclaim our position of leadership. Concerted efforts should be made to educate our young generations to be proud of their religion and always show its greatness.

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The Ummah must programme its life in accordance with Islam and its teachings. We must do away with all useless ideologies. It must be well established in our minds that Islam is the religion of this Ummah and its law in all aspects of its life.

Fellow Muslims! The whole world have seen and heard the anarchy that happened in Muslim Iraq as a result of aggression and lack of a just world order. This incidence should open the eyes of the Muslims to one fact: It is only the great Islamic system that can guarantee public and individual interests and that; it is the only order that can prevent harms and corruptions. Ibn Taymiyyah said, “It must be known that being in the position of authority is one of the greatest responsibilities of Islam. No matter of religion and worldly life can stand without it. For the interests of humans cannot be actualized except through intermingling because of their mutual need for one another. Therefore, they should have a leader. He further said, “The ruler is the shade of Allah on the earth.”

Ibn Taymiyyah also said, “Sixty years of an unjust ruler is better than a single night without a ruler.” The reality testifies to this. He also said, “If the authority is separated from religion and religion from authority people become corrupted.” Let the Muslims know that there is no good in overthrowing governments or causing disturbances in the communities. For that has brought nothing but destructions and corruption.

Political Choas and killings:

After the American bloodbath in Iraq and extended war to Afghanistan, Pakistan was next to be crippled with political chaos and killings of the civilians, enabling Zardari and the Generals to profit from the daily bloodbath of the innocent civilians. The on-going war seems to have undermined the very integrity of the Pakistani nation. Islam does not preach extremism but peace and harmony for a balanced life. The radicalization of Islam stems from ignorance and arrogance. Islam is peace and peace represents logic of reason and understanding of normal human values and respect for life. Those who call themselves Taliban must learn that Islam does not allow public scolding and beating of the females/males as a staged show and part of the law and justice system approach but instead focuses on education and reformation of the individual and collective well being of the Muslim society to be obedient to God. If they resort to force as means to introduce “shariah”, it is ignorance (jahalliya) not Islamic ways of life.Though emotions appear to override the people’s reaction in the tribal belts ofAfghanistan -Pakistan against the brutal military action, and that is not the solution but a reason for new emerging problems which Pakistani army is not equipped to deal with.

Drone Attacks:

Yet, those alleged are forced to react to American predator drone attacks and troops engagements being used against the people who had nothing to do with the 9/11 attack in the US. Imagine if there was just one company or a battalion of Afghan Mujahideen or Iraqi soldiers stationed in Washington or New York, would their presence comfortthe American people to get peaceful sleep or go to normal daily activities? When we think comparatively, we seem to get more rational answers. American politicians would never think in such realistic terms. The policy makers pretend to help the victims of the so called Islamic extremism or Taliban but do not understand that they are part of the problem, not a solution. So far, for the last eight years according to reliable sources, American ledWar on Terror has killed 2.5 millions people in Iraq and destroyed countless human habitats under the false pretext of terrorism and insurgency. Simply put, you went there to kill people and in return the Iraqis are defending their lives and property, they are not the insurgents but defenders of their lives, homes and honor and certainly not the extremists. You are the aggressors, and they are the victims of your atrocities in plaiN English language,

The consequences of injustice are disastrous. The Prophet said, “Allaah gives respite to a wrongdoer, whenever He seizes him, he never releases him.”

He then recited the verse:

“Such is the Seizure of your Lord when He seizes the (population of) the towns while they are doing wrong. Verily, His Seizure is painful, (and) severe.”

(Hood 11:102)

(Al-Bukhaaree and Muslim)

How long the sufferings will continue ?

How many are the curses, evils and woes that the systems and political parties that are anti-Islam have brought upon the Muslims? The Muslims will continue to suffer under these man-made systems until they purify their hearts with real emaan, adhere to the teachings of Islam and spread the implementation of the law of Allah to every path of the Muslim world.

Brethren in faith! The nation of Islam is the best of all nations. It is Allah’s beloved nation. The crises and tribulations that the Ummah is facing now is just another way by which Allah puts His beloved to test. It is incumbent on all Muslims to listen to the voice of Islam and wisdom. They shouldendeavour to protect the lands of Islam and promote unite in the light of Islamic Monotheism and under the banner of the Prophet. Let us take the Messenger of Allah as the model to be followed in all affairs of our lives. The Messenger of Allah said,

“Every treacherous person will be given a banner on the Day of Resurrection.”


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