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Quality and Risk Management Case Study


Executive Summary

Purpose & Method of this Report

Woodies Pizzeria Pty was created to become a staple of families’ fridges in the competitive market within Western Australia. As work life balance is harder to maintain, families are looking for fast fresh alternatives to cooking a big meal after work.

The overall objective for this report is to:

  1. The success of the Woodies Pizzeria Brand in WA within the competitive market.
  2. Documenting the ways to increase the Woodies Brand retention and popularity within the market.

As this paper delves into the quality & risk management strategies laid out in PMBOK function. We will be able to determine how Woodies Plans to establish themselves as the strongest competitor in the frozen food industry by lowering overall costs and increasing customer satisfaction. Frozen food consumption has increased by more than 45% to 1.1 billion Euro’s since 2004 in Western Europe. Due to technology changes and increased demand on food providers to establish themselves in the App stores of Apple & Android. Woodies Pizzeria Project Managers will create a   risk management plan documenting the total risks involved to create a fast food problem. One report by (Online, 2018) suggests that if companies do not simplify the production line when looking to start using an online ordering system that bottlenecks will occur as they are no longer optimised for fast orders.  Fast Cheetah look to provide the majority of Western Australians with a fast and fresh alternative to take out food.

Seen here Sample of Woodies Branded Pizza for consumers


Introduction: Woodies Pizzerias Pty has been a staple supplier to 15 different pizza supply companies that operate throughout Australia. This clientele offers basic and gourmet offerings which service all ranges of people from all ages. These companies have now excess capacity and would like to develop a new online business such as Uber Eats. Our umbrella organisation that represents the Perth majority pizza stores is looking for documents that will establish the required quality and risk management strategies to prepare for the next phase of the project. We have aligned with the

Project Management Institute’s own methodology PMBOK to allow Woodies Pizza to produce a high-quality document that the Chamber of Commerce in Perth will approve to allow service of clients online to be established.

Findings & Discussions

2.1 Quality Management Plan

In all projects, stakeholders will always have a standard of quality they expect to receive from the project, this can be one of many factors, kept under original budget, quality details and finishes in the design or even by maintaining consistent communication through the entirety of the project. As documented in many cases in restaurants such as (“Guidelines Quality Project Standard”, 2018. There is significant risk to the clientele when food has not properly been stored in the correct temperature. Without a comprehensive quality risk management plan, business profits and reputation is at risk if hazardous work conditions begin to occur.

Woodies Pizzerias Pty proposes that the Quality Management Plan will be located within the Appendix of this report will include

1)      Project Assurance: the use of techniques and tools to continuously monitor schedule to ensure practices and standards are complied with.

2)      Project Controls:  implement techniques and tools to help responsible member’s measure specifications and standards from raw materials (food) to create completed deliverables.

3)      Quality Plan: produce a standard compliance of matrix and checklists which establish quality policy to assist personal quality management with products.

2.2 Risk Management Plan

Risk management’s definition is about minimising risks while increasing the potential profit opportunities by working with project stakeholders so that overall scope of the project is achieved (“What is risk management? – Definition from”, 2018). According to the Food & Standards Bureau of New Zealand & Australia which are responsible for legislating the food standard in both countries that Australia holds one of the highest standards of food care in the world. No matter how high the rankings Australia takes place it is important to distinguish safety standards to quantify the risk of injury to clientele.

The proposed risk manage plan located in Appendixes includes:

1)      Risk Responses: by developing a variety of response and risk design protocols to all project risks

2)      Risk Control: monitoring continuously and reassess the project risks through tools such as technical performance measurement, risk audit & reserve analysis.

3)      Risk Analysis: qualitative analysis, the produces the risk matrix to measure the impact of a risk. Therefore, Woodies develop risk priority to ensure high risks reduced

4)      Risk Identification:  by meeting internal stakeholders such as the 15 parties that have establishes the Woodies Pizzeria Company, to conduct historical data from previous projects initiated by the parties.

3 Conclusion

Because of the steering committee’s approach to creating a high-level specification and complexity of the new business model. It is important to highlight the important role of quality management – how it manages quality processes, risk management & the overall product of quality.  This can and will prevent and eliminate the crisis from developing.

4 Recommendation

This project quality and risk management plan are aligned with the use of PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) will use templates from this handbook and other accredited international organisations such as the PRINCE 2 & AIPM methodologies. Woodies Pizzeria is recommended to:

  • Act immediately and approve the proposed the quality and risk management plan
  • Delegate responsibility & accountability to experienced and capable personal
  • Finally, to recognise the important of project quality and risk management plans which can save hazardous risks in terms of financial and reputation for Woodies Pizzeria.

5 References

6 Appendixes

6.1 Project Quality Management Plan (

Quality management within this document has been defined as the system of planned activities that will ensure that deliverables of Woodies Pizzeria Ltd project will exceed the client requirements expectations and specifications. This specific system includes audits, evaluations & inspections of the food materials and food processing equipment that is required to document the grade of the overall product.

This management quality plan conjoined with the other project plans will identify the necessary personal involved in the quality team, their relationships and responsibilities.

Quantitative Purpose

The overall objective of this quality project management plan is to ensure that Woodies Pizzeria Pty is delivered in accordance with contractual specifications to satisfy stakeholder requirements, to reduce improve the bottom line of profit margins while production quality increases over time.

Development of Quality Management

  • Quality Control Plan
  • Plan Quality Management
  • Quality Assurance Plan

1)      Plan Quality Management

1.1     Preparation

1.1.1         Woodies Pizzeria Pty Project Management Plan

This project management plan will need to align stakeholder’s project scope which project deliverables to be produced, start and finish dates (schedule) & cost – what is the accepted budget in time interval to baseline cost performance.

1.1.2         Woodies Pizzeria Stakeholder Register

Identifying the main project stakeholders who are responsible to be tasked as the senior steering committee.

1.1.3         Risk Register

The identification of threats and the overall impact on the total project’s timeline, scope &   budget. Refer to Management Risk Plan below.

1.1.4         Food Standards & Guidelines

National governmental regulations on how to prepare food, store and serve food products. By applying the Australia & New Zealand Food Standard procedures on both quality & risk management plans, can alleviate problems with authorities on creating hazardous items for consumers.

1.1.5         Organisational Process Assets

Combining the Food Standards Australia & New Zealand on quality & procedures with Woodies own procedure document will ensure that the project will meet the Chamber of Commerce principles. Secondly gathering historical data of previous projects seen in project will be used to model the likely scenarios that are predicted to occur. (“Project Management: How to collect requirements for your project effectively?”, 2018)


1.2       Operational Techniques & Tools for QM & Risk Management

Woodies Pizzeria Fresh Food & App project will implement techniques & tools to assist the project manager & the steering committee to achieve the documentations and product standards by analysing information.

1.2.1         Meetings

Steering committee meetings with the stakeholders such as the project sponsor, and the project team overall to ensure scope creep does not entail.

1.2.2         Quality Cost

This is the total cost incurred over the life of the project by preventing non-conformances from occurring.

1.2.3         The Seven Basic Quality Tools – (Project Management Institute)

  1. Fishbone Diagrams – tracing down problems potentially cause poor quality
  2. Flowcharts – Process maps that transform multi inputs to multi outputs
  3. Check sheets – Gathering data to perform checklist inspection
  4. Pareto diagrams – Data is put together in a Pareto chart when determining the frequency of problems in a process.
  5. Histograms – Are a plot that identify underlying frequency information gathered within the data cells.
  6. Control Charts – By studying how a process changes over time, data plotted will determine the upper and lower control limit of the process time.
  7. Scatter Diagrams – By applying scatter diagrams and using Cartesian coordinates to plot on the graph. We are able to determine specific relations with an independent variable.










1.3     Outputs

1.3.1         Management Quality Plan

A quality management plan describes how the quality polices are being implemented and how the overall team can meet the quality requirement set by the steering committee.

1.3.2         Quality Checklists 

Application of a structured tool to verify the set of specific steps set for the process has been performed.

Output of Project Yes No Comments
Freezer Equipment – Low voltage
Customer Feedback on App Development
Food Production Standard
Weekly Steering Committee Meetings
Chamber Commerce Stakeholder Rapport Built
Team Members & Supervisors trained to prepare pizza.

1.3.3         Quality Metrics

Metrics are defined in relevant laws regulations and through the contract management.

Example shown below

ID Item Standard Value UOM Measurement method Acceptable Tolerance
Upper Lower
0001 Freezer Imported from Germany (Industrial Fisher & Pykel)  Cubic metres


2)      Quality Assurance

Assurance within quality is activities for ensuring quality in the process stage which the total product is developed. This focus on QA will deter the defects and issues that may arise with associated costs.

2.1   Preparation

2.1.1         Quality Management Plan: The documentation will provide a defined assurance for the project.

2.1.2         Quality Metrics: The project metrics will assist the team to purchase products such as the freezer and when the package arrives they can determine if the quality standards is aligned with the documentation.

2.1.3         Quality Control Measurements: Using control measurement the documentation can analyse and evaluate the project processes from what the Senior Steering Committee has set out.

2.2   Perform Quality Assurance

2.2.1         Quality Review

A project managers purpose to use a quality review template is to ensure that the project critical path standards are to avoid defects from the products that will be used.  If defects occur responsible personal must report to Project Steering Committee.

Example shown below taken from (“Project Management Tools & Templates | PMI”, 2018)

Deliverable Review activities Frequency Responsibility
High customer satisfaction when products hit shelf Feedback conducted by Mystery Shoppers Reviewed Monthly Project Manager / Team Manager
Project to have no significant delays Follow and Review PMBOK methodologies Reviewed Monthly Project Manager
Stakeholders to

Quality Audit

The quality audit will be shown to implement the overall effectiveness of quality assurance activities put in place for proper storing of the raw food ingredients. (“Project Management Tools & Templates | PMI”, 2018)

Project Name:
Woodie Pizzerias
Project Ref #: Prepared By: Lachlan Burr Date Prepared:
Customer: TBC Contact: N/A
Project Manager: Lachlan Burr
Project Phase: Quality Audit Phase 1 Overall Project Status: Future Planning
Audit Team: Senior Steering Committee
Goal(s) of this Specific Audit: To find that food quality meets regulation standards
Audit of the Product of Project:
Assessment & Comments: TBC
Overall Assessment about the Product of the Project:
Lessons Learned Regarding the Product of the Project:
Additional Audit Comments:
Have you attached additional material? Yes/No
Audit Report Quality Submitted to Council of Commerce & Steering Committee of Woodie’s Date: 11/02/2018

Project Quality Control

It’s extremely important to conduct an analysis on the project performance results of the quality that is produced. Quality control documentation procedures are put in place to determine the project is of high success within the food sector.

Control Tools for Quality

Using graphs and charts like the one shown above it allows the project manager to keep a control method in place to inform the Senior Steering Committee of how on track the project is.

 Developed Documented History

Version Number Date Producer Reason Sections
1.1 30/08/2018 Lochie Burr (Quality Project Manager) Presented to Steering Committee, unsatisfactory scope Woodies Pizzeria Quality
1.2 25/10/2018  Lochie Burr (Quality Project Manager) Supplier did not provide the correct prices for equipment Woodies Pizzeria Quality
1.3 1/11/18 Lochie Burr (Quality Project Manager) Starting up stage of documenting Woodies Pizzeria Quality



Change Request Form

Name of Project File references
  Marval P/Tracker Central
Date of Request Request No. Name of Requestor Project Position
Project Category Proposed Change Reason for Variance
Risk Management
Other (add cat. name)
Priority Immediate Essential Urgent High Medium Low
Intended outcome(s)
Expected benefit(s)
List any important impact of the change(s) on the Project deliverables


Name Position/Department Distribution method Date distributed


(To be completed by Steering Committee Chairperson (or Management/Project Manager according to project governance)
Approved (Yes/No) Decision date Decision made by Decision reason Resulting Action


Control Change

As project managers, its critical to maintain changes to the project when they occur. By identifying them & recording them in a Change Approval form. This can help stakeholders and government officials keep track on what happened with day to day work. This form above was taken from Project Change Template & changed to suit Woodies Pizzeria.

Procedural Change Review

When documenting changes and implementing them it is important to review the food standard healthy guides when maintaining a clean & safe workplace. This was taken from

All staff must fill out checklists that will adhere to the food safety for WA standards

1   Food Standards Code:

The standards in the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code are legislative instruments under the Legislation Act 2003.

All standards are accessible through this link:

2.2 Risk Management Plan

Risk management is a process that Project Managers should pay special attention to as it is critical for any project to undertake a Risk management plan. It should be linked closely with Management Issues as (“Guidelines Quality Project Standard”, 2018) states that undertreated issues will cause a significant risk for the project.

Our Steering Committee has come to the conclusion that based on the significant cost to the businesses to run this project, the committee will review the risk register weekly and the project manager (Lochie Burr) will have a direct line of communication to the committee.  The update of the register and monitoring risks will be undertaken by Lochie as he helps to mitigate risks from eventuating.

Impact 1 2 3 4 5
Probability Negligible Minor Moderate Significant Severe
(80-100%) 0.5 0.3
(60-80%) 0.2
(20-40%) 0.1
(1-20%) 0.4

Index Risk Levels

Minimum Low Moderate High Extreme
ID Description Cause Risk owner Impact Probability Mitigation
0.1 Defected Products Preparation standards fail Team Member – Supervisor Negative reviews from clientele 20-40% C – Grading
0.2 Marketing Campaign Fails Lack of clarity project scope Marketing managers Low operating costs 40-60% B Grading
0.3 Product Contamination Storage of perishable goods not refrigerated Team Member – Supervisor Significant reputation loss 80-100% A Grading
0.4 Broken Freezer No schedule maintenance Team Supervisor Damage to products 1-20% N Grading
0.5 Supply does not meet Demand (e.g. Lack of products on shelf) Suppliers do not meet product standards Team Manager A narrow market to penetrate 80-100% A- Grading

2.3   Mitigation of Risk

A report from (“Risk Mitigation Planning, Implementation, and Progress Monitoring”, 2018) states that using a mitigation risk chart can and will reduce the seriousness of risks on site when used properly. By creating this table mitigation strategies can be graded against how useful they are in deterring the risk. They are usually only deployed when Grades from A – C have been identified. Shown below is the table.

Grade Actions
A Mitigation actions required, overall to implement a reduction in the risk identified. To be implemented ASAP.
B High severity of risk, although plan to not be implemented ASAP, must be dealt with within a maximum one-week window.
C Mitigate Actions required, reduce the seriousness of risk and identified the cost of actions needed to reduce risk.
N No action needed, and no foreseeable action required over project.

2.4   Risk Register

Senior Steering Committee Roles & Responsibilities

Listed below are the roles that are required to execute the Woodies Pizzeria Project

Project Sponsor (John Smith)

John has the most to lose in this project as his clientele’s money is wrapped up in this project. From his experience and guidance to confirm all risk management procedures and changes that are taking place. He will also sit on the Senior Steering Committee Board.

Project Manager (Lochie Burr)

Lochie Burr has had experience in working with WAPMI (Western Australia Project Management Institute) as both Senior Logistics Event Director & Chapter Secretary while maintaining internships at BHP Billiton & Telstra in 2017/2018.These projects worked on were managing stakeholders and gathering data to build system control processes to monitor compliance to plans and execute Agile style projects.  As part of a focus from the Project Sponsor, Lochie will pay close attention to managing relationships with the 15 suppliers of Woodies Pizzeria.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee will consist of 4 members who have majority ownership of the 15 pizzerias that have formed together. To allow for operating procedures to take place safely it has been recommended that giving some of the Chamber of Commerce will give Woodies Pizzeria the opportunity to allow for senior stakeholders to network and build rapport. This gives the Pizzeria business the best chance at succeeding expectations!

Ruby – Mae Clarkson Steering Committee
Miles Hartley Steering Committee
Vanessa Leblanc Steering Committee
Jarrod Kent Steering Committee
Paula Roger Council Committee
Wendy Lennon Council Committee
Demi Lovato Council Committee
Marcus James Council Committee



Project Associates (Team Members)

These associates of the Project Manager, Lochie Burr are WIL (Work Integrated Learning Students) that are completing 500hrs of work experience before graduating. Being handpicked for not only their impressive resume but demonstrating a keen passion to help improve Perth businesses in a largely franchise based business model. They will be responsibilities for improving work standard procedures and cross refencing with the food standards guide to make sure Woodies Project does not cross any OH&S standards procedures.

Marcus Porter Project Team
Brad Smith Project Team
Jessica Lee Project Team




Matrix Power Template

Seen below is the supplier template used to identify the Level of Power & Level of Interest for the entirety of the project





Templates taken from  – WAPMI Member since 2016

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