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Steve Jobs’ Technology Developments

Steve Jobs

Apple had fired Jobs and started going slow so improvements had to be made. Jobs was rehired and improvements had been done. Apple’s sales went up and became one of the highest technology companies.

Steve Jobs only developed his interests in technology. Jobs had moved to Los Atlos where he had met a friend. His parents had invited him over to help with projects. Jobs had observed and made his own.

No matter where Jobs is, he continues to study technology. In high school, he studied in technology classes. Jobs and Wozniak made business enterprises. They made a telephone that could make long distance phone calls, although its illegal.

“Jobs and Wozniak’s time at homebrew led to the invention of the Apple 1 computer.” (“Steve Jobs,” TEL 2017) Wozniak made it cheap and with a simple circuit board. Jobs believed it still had potential and cofounded Apple.

Once Jobs had developed operating systems and more efficient software, Apple had bought NeXT from him. Apple allowed Jobs to return and he made innovations. Apple was back up top. Sometime later, Jobs was named CEO and Apple created the iPad. Jobs is a huge help to Apple.

“Apple manufactured computers and developments, and published soft wares.” (Verds, 129-130) Jobs was head at PAS, which includes motion pictures. Disney took up Pixar; Finding Nemo, Up, and Toy Story. Jobs was Disney’s biggest stockholder.

“Steve Jobs (1955-2011) stepped down as chief executive officer (CEO) of Apple Inc.” (Gale, TEL 2016) Jobs passed away from pancreatic cancer just 2 months before August. Tim Cook, the company’s COO (chief operating officer) had assumed the duties of CEO. The company dealt with a lot of changes in the past. “Some analysts say it will take more time before the company that so identified with Jobs finds a new path without him.” (Gale, TEL 2016)

As success came, so did competition. It caused the company to struggle. The last financial challenge led to problems with Apple’s board of directors. Jobs and Wozniak left Apple the same year. However, Jobs had returned and he became CEO. Jobs went in charge in mid-1997. New items were stored in the company’s fortunes. They made a lot less than $700 million for the first year of 1997.

In succession, the company had made a number of pioneering products and services. Including the iMac, iPod, iTunes store, Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, and App store. “The products were innovation not just in their individual designs but also in the way they work together; for example, iTunes music can be shared between an iPhone and an iPad, and a television equipped with Apple TV can receive streaming videos from other Apple handheld devices.” (Gale, TEL 2016)

With Jobs no longer working at Apple, the company turned to Tim Cook to take over CEO. He had already filled the role twice temporarily. “Industry insiders and the public alike wondered if Cook could maintain in the level of innovation associated with Jobs.” (Gale, TEL 2016) The company’s stock dropped five percent after Jobs’ death. However, new products were already in the works before Jobs had died.

Cook had played the role of announcing the iPhone 4. The 4s was the first iPhone with Siri. The iPhone 4, “…included a more powerful operating system with upgraded features compared to previous iPhones.” (Gale, TEL 2016) The 4s would continue on to becoming Apple’s best-selling phone during its time period. The company retained its footing as it went from Jobs’ to Cook’s.

The company continued to making upgrades to the iPod, iPhone, iPad, and the Apple TV. The iOS, operating system, has also been improved. “Many of these are technological improvements an previous products, but a few represent departures from policies under Jobs’ tenure.” (Gale, TEL 2016) Jobs disagreed to small tablets because they are difficult for users that work with their fingerprints. The smallest screen was the iPad mini to the point of 10 inches.

Jobs had preferred smaller phones because of the critical size of the larger phones that were already in the market. “The iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus, all released after Jobs’ death, are much larger than the previous versions marketed before his passing.” (Gale, TEL 2016) A different form of technology was released during Cook’s time in office. It was the release of the Apple Watch.  “The innovation combined phone and tablet functions with the convenience of a wristwatch.” (Gale, TEL 2016)

The Apple Watch had a sale of one million the weekend of its release. Analysts had pros and cons about its sales. They attempted to sell the new technology. Others called the Watch and its sales disappointing. “Other changes that occurred under Cook’s leadership included modifications to the iOS software design.” (Gale, TEL 2016) The iOS 7’s appearances, reportedly preferred by Jobs, were changed to a more stylized version.

Jobs is the cofounder of Apple Inc. He served as Apple’s CEO from 1997 to 2011. Apple manufactured computers and developments, and published computer soft wares. Jobs was head at PAS, which has popular animated motion pictures. Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Up. Walt Disney acquired Pixar. Jobs was Disney’s biggest stockholder.

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