Computer Games: a Boon in the New Millennium

With the dawning of the new millennium, certain changes in the way we live, think and work are inevitable. Foremost among these changes is the shift towards greater technologization. Brought about by information revolution which began a half century ago, new technologies have allowed people all over the world to communicate, exchange ideas, and do business with one another at increasingly faster and more frequent rates. This has resulted in the creation of the new, so-called ‘global community,’ where no nation and no society exist like an island.

Such trends as technologization and globalization are already everyday realities. Technologization, particularly advances in information and communications technology ( ICT ) have allowed much faster and easier communication throughout the globe. It has also made possible and efficient access to and transfer of large amounts of information.

The internets, with its large-scale network of computers, electronics, and telecommunications, have removed the barriers of time and space. They have transformed the nature of work, business, entertainment, education and interpersonal relations. While advancements in the field of ICT are now happening at a rapid speed, the advancement in the future will ever be speedier.

Rapid development in ICT has its spin-off in globalization which refers to the interconnectedness of all peoples. The flow of ideas, information, goods and services are now linked globally, and these linkages reach most households and individuals. The flow includes the arts, science, sports, medicine, tourism and entertainment as well as such unfortunate phenomena as drug traffic, disease and environmental damage.

The combined force of ICT and globalization is a challenge in our educational system. . Schools have already adapted to these current realities. The nature of work will change; there will be less need for manual workers, and more of “knowledge workers.”The later are people with technical and technological expertise, who are capable of handling, processing and utilizing information intelligently.

Technological advancements play a critical role in education. Learning environments must be nurturing ones. Thus, education should emphasize not only the development of the cognitive man; it must strive to develop the holistic human being— technically skilled, emotionally intelligent, spiritually and morally upright, selfless and socially responsible.

Education in the future will be a lifelong pursuit. It will no longer be space- and –time-bound. “Anytime, anywhere learning” will be more than a fad. With more people having access to the internet and other information and communications technologies, the schools will change; we have more Internet-based education now a days.

One of the technological developments affecting education in the last several decades is the video games.

Computer Gaming is a creation for the players that gives not just fun but also the time to be socialized to other players and become better human beings.. According to Rutger C. M. E. Engels “Over 70% of gamers play their games with a friend, either cooperatively or competitively” and Melbourne “Kids who play video games have better social skills. Research has found that games offer a range of social and educational benefits to gamers. “It really boosts the social skills of the players even if they are not too fond of socializing with other people. When you are playing, you are also connected to other players because latest computer games are created for us to play with other people and other races that really make this really unique. Just like here in the Philippines, where most of the youth are fond of these computer games. They can play to any player within the country or even abroad and even join international competitions because of computer games.

So even just at the edge of your seat, you can make friends and socialize to other players. According to Melbourne “Gamers are reaping the social benefits when their friends come over and play computer games together. They are often strategizing, managing complex tasks and forming and managing teams.” Philip Trippebach stressed that Far from turning teenagers into anti-social loners, video games help them engage with friends and community.”

With the use of modern technology we can play and also we can have friends through gaming. In my case, computer games, made me meet lots of fellow Schoolmates. Though we are not at the same program or course. We are given a chance to know and meet each other. Playing games with new friends makes lots of exiting experiences and fun that we can never have when we are alone at home.

Modern technology really changes us a lot. We can communicate with anyone from other places and talk to them face to face with the use of the technology called Internet. It really makes our lives easy and comfortable because we can do research without going to a library. The same manner is applied in gaming; we can play games through the use of internet called online gaming. This makes our lives easier and gives fun that lightens our anxieties in life. Because of this modern invention, we can play with our friend online, which really makes things interesting and battle with other people to see who the best in different areas of the game is.

While it is a fact that video games not only have positive effects but also negative effects. But several studies indicate that the advantages outweigh the negative impact. Video games are not at all bad for us, thus, making our life better. Despite hand-wringing over a connection between violence and video games, numerous academic studies indicate that playing video games has many psychological and physical benefits.

Taken together, video games make one a better human being. Being exposed to different personalities portrayed by the characters in video games, a gamer sympathize with the one possessing pleasant character.

Computer games make one smarter. While gamers are having fun, they also get sharper.

Now a days, new generations are noted to be adept in playing computer games. They display impressive manipulative skills than the adults who don’t play computer games. Gamers would join in tournaments or competitions, which they believe, would enhance their skills, and above all to showcase their talent. Others would join competitions simply for the fun brought by making new friendships with fellow gamers.. While others, take it an opportunity to win prizes.

Not just that playing video games bring out the kid in the player’s heart but it also helps one stay young physically.

Most gamers are young people so parents should see to it that their children choose games with high instructional values- those that would give counsel and advises. Because, as noted, children are easily influenced by the characters in video games.

. School reading lessons could not be as attractive as video gaming for some children. They tend to be active with games where they learn easily.

What do video games really do to people? In today’s modern times, people, especially the young, are immersed in video gaming, not considering the possible effects of it. Video gaming could have positive and negative effects which could be the determining factor in the value formation of the gamers. They are what they become based on the kind of game they play. Therefore, authorities should investigate both the positive and the negative impacts that playing games could have on people.

Among the possible negative effects of game play has to do with violence in video games. Video games that feature aggressive or violent elements might have a big impact on children and youth. In the same way, playing aggressive video games could stimulate aggressive behavior in players in particular because the player is an active participant. Crime among minors is now rampant, where they become a social problem. Outmost attention must be given to stop minors into becoming violent.

The academic performance of students is also affected. Since, gamers would take too much time at it, thus, taking away from time spent on school work. Parents are complaining their children are not doing well in school. A lot of students nowadays are becoming less interested in school work and play video games outside school. It has adverse effects among students which caused their failure and their dropping out from school. The parents are most affected on this effect since it destroys not only the future but also the whole being of their children.

As for positive effects, educators and learning scientists have also debated how to leverage the motivation students had for playing games as well as exploring the medium of video game for educational and pedagogical purposes.

Video games shape students literacy activities; mainly reading and writing in both online and offline spaces. In this case, video games could be of great help in the intellectual, development of the students. To the teachers, it is also helping them make classroom instructions easier and it is also application of information technology which is the present trend in education.

In other words, educators should redesign classroom experiences, integrating video games that can shift the way teachers and students approach to learning. Motivational factors will be enhanced if certain qualities present in the medium of video games provide valuable opportunities for learning. If done so, learning experiences will be as interesting and enjoyable as playing video games.

A lot of game studies research can be seen as the academic response to the video game industries questions regarding the product it creates and sells.

How can we create better games? What makes a game good?

Good could mean many different things. Does the game provide an entertaining and engaging experience to the player? Is the game easy to play? Is the game innovative or does it provide the player with an opportunity to have novel experiences? Does it provide educational value to players?

Different approaches to studying this problem should be considered. Describing how to design games, extracting guidelines and rules for making better games, abstracting commonalities from games and understanding how they relate to each other.

If all these considerations are taken care of, then, video gaming will be good for us. They are not bad at all. They’re actually making our life better.

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